1 in a way that shows you want to eat something very much: J.D. ate hungrily, covering the french fries with layers of catsup.
2 in a way that shows you very much want something: Her gaze fell hungrily on my diamond ring.
hungry /'hVNgri/ adjective
1 wanting to eat something: There's tons of food - I hope you're all hungry! | get hungry: If you get hungry between meals, have a piece of fruit.
2 ill or weak as a result of not having enough to eat for a long time: We can't justify wasting food when half the world is hungry.
3 the hungry people who do not have enough food to eat
4 go hungry to not have enough to eat: Thousands of families go hungry every day in this country.
5 be hungry for to want or need something very much: young people hungry for excitement and adventure
6 power-hungry/news-hungry etc wanting power, news etc very much

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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